Dear Host Family,

first of all I would like to thank you for giving me the opportunity to spend a year in the US with you and to be a part of your family. In the following letter I try to give you an impression of my personality and to introduce myself, my family, the things I typically do, the place where I live and things like that.

My name is Sophia and I am a sixteen year old girl from Germany. I live in a small village called xxx which is near Erfurt in the middle of Germany. I live with my parents and my cat Lucy in a nice house with a garden. My older sister Maria does not live at home because she attends the university in xxx near xxx. She studies psychology and at the moment she´s in 7th semester.

My family is very important for me. We spend a lot of time together, particularly on vacation. My father [Beschreibung Hobbys etc]. We also enjoy playing table tennis (the whole family likes our family matches!). My mother is very creative. [Beschreibung Hobbys etc]. Sometimes I help her with creating decoration for the house or my room. By way of example we made several wreaths which is big fun. Unfortunately we need more than three hours to drive to xxx so I cannot see my sister every month. But my parents and me visit her or she visits us as often as possible and then we have a nice time together. And we often write mails and phone to hold contact and to know what each other is doing. Furthermore I spend my holidays with her in xxx. Quite often we four undertake excursions in the vicinity and also in Thuringia. A big part of our family life is music. All of us play an instrument and we enjoy singing together.

I sing in the jazz band of my music school teacher for what I am very proud of because I´m the youngest member. I gave two concerts with them up to now and it was big fun to make music with these talented musicians. I am also playing the piano for seven years and I listen to music most of the time. A further hobby of mine is doing sports like tennis that I am practicing for four years, table tennis, cycling, horseback riding and dancing. Along with singing the last one is my biggest passion. On the weekend I sometimes go with my neighbor to a town not far from home where three horses are standing. They are owned by the friend of my neighbor. Sometimes she picks me up and we go on horseback through the area. I like pets very much. My favorites are horses and cats. But actually I like almost all pets (except spiders and snakes...).

In the lines above I wrote that I like to be creative. I like painting and pottery very much, if there is enough time I write stories and I love books, especially fat ones. In my free time I often meet my friends.

I go in 10th grade in school. My school is about 20 minutes away from my village in the beautiful town called xxx so I go every day by bus. My school is not very big, there are 300 students. Mostly I like school because I can see my friends and my favorite classes are Arts, Music, German and of course English. I am in the drama club of my school. 

I am very interested in other countries. The countries I visited until now are Spain, Italy, Austria, Poland and Tunisia. But I would like to visit more countries in the world for example Greece, New Zealand, France and African countries. In last summer I was in England and I did a language holiday. There I was living with two other girls from France in a host family which consisted of an elderly couple. They were very nice! It was really exciting for me and my dream to go abroad activated.

The USA fascinates me already for a long time. It´s a many sided country with a colorful landscape and many different people. In Europe you always hear about the American Way Of Life and most of the children also heard about the school spirit there and I want to experience all that and want to be a part of it. But there is so much more I could discover and learn about the country so I want to learn about the new culture and the traditions of the US. In an exchange year I could collect so many important experiences for my future life and I want to grow up with my personality and become more open-minded. I would like to make friends from all over the world and find a second family.

I am raised religious and sometimes I go to church with my family. I think participating at your activities is one of my tasks as an exchange student because I want to be a part of your family.

I am used to be independent and ambitious. Because of my various hobbies I can easily gain access to several interest groups. I’m a person who is open for new experience, adaptable and inquisitive. So I don’t think that I will get any bigger problems in accustoming myself in new surroundings. On top of that I remain defiant even if there are any troubles.
I’m very enthusiastic, creative and active! Furthermore I’m social and appreciative of people and their feelings. I like to help other people. Finally I’m keen to think not superficially but to look into the things.

I have already written very much so I´m finishing my letter now. I want to thank you again for giving me the chance to spend a year in the US, it´s a big dream of mine!

Lots of greetings,